iPhone Gonzo!



IMG_0435last friday i went to our company party and drank the night away. it was a great night with the best theme. it was a masquerade ball and i wore my mask all night cause it was glued to my eyelids. there was a few issues that night that made the night awkward but considering she was only 1 out of the 100 people that attended, i still had fun. i had so much fun with colleagues that i became wasted – i mean good wasted. i was hoping that when i picked up J on the way home, he would be sober or at least more sober than i was, but he wasn’t. somehow from the minute he got on the cab to the ride home, i lost my phone.

it’s very unfortunate. its a good thing that i backed up before the end of the year due to my memory space being limited. i guess that’s why it didn’t really effect me that much. considering how icloud is able to back up all your contacts, apps, notes and reminders – i wasn’t worried much about the content in the phone but just the hardware itself. think about it, retail value is $500+ and it is lost.

shortly after realizing there’s no hope in getting it back… i emailed my bosses and redeemed the phone that they owed me since i was the only ACDM to not get a company phone. yeah it was a good 2 days of not being able to text, play games, and update my calendars. good thing my bosses emailed right away after a short LOL and told me i will get one. so here i am reminiscing about it and considering if i should jump the android wagon…

what is a phone good for anyway. it was only good for the games, for conversational purposes, and for convenience. if i had  a choice, i would still get an iphone personally and an android from the company – that would be carrying 2 phones (FWP – do i really want to be carrying two phones? and what if i get a sucky phone? lol). getting a free phone is great. getting the company to pay for your plan is even better… but what if it’s not a good phone. then what do i do… lol.




GOODBYE FRIEND – it was good while it lasted (on to the next one!)

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