Great to Workplace

There’s just one thing to say about the work that I do, A-ma-fucking-mazing. It’s amazing to be able to say that, Yes, Absofuckinglutely!!!! _look forward to going to work everyday. I can’t imagine life without it. It’s almost as good as lucking out on getting really effin cool parents. Which i also have ~ pfft.

Slowly but surely, I am where I’m supposed to be in the workforce world. I am proud to say, I have grown, I have been challenged every step of the way at work. My work loves me for who I am, for who I have become and for who I am about to be. I have people at work that I can name as family. No bullshit, no faking, I have found some gems in my everyday that I have to live with for the weekdays. They are able to hate me and still bounce back to loving me. It’s the definitive meaning to true love. True meaning of family.

Tonight I learned that they feel and see me the same way. I am pivotal to the success in their careers and their dailies. I aim to be enough to get them through the day, and I can’t imagine being any other than myself with them.

I don’t strive to be the best, it just falls out naturally like every US study that I work on census rep. I’m glad to have verbal proof of the hard work I put in my career, and tonight is just another night where I shine.

I’ve never had confidence issues but even if I did, at least I have this night to remember and to refer to as being called nothing less than amazing_

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