i’m having one of those moments here in Houston … “I need a vacation from my vacation” type of moment. it’s been a whirlwind, helping out with the wedding, running around doing errands, shopping briskly – walking around where we can and getting in trouble for it. sigh. i’m craving some quiet times. i wanted to clean out my personal inboxes, update my planner, come up with a work out routine for the next 6 months and clean out my RSS reader. i wanted to read 2 magazines, watch a whole season of White Collar, create a to do list of the things i need to do by the end of the year.

but instead of all of that, if i’m not keeping up with my younger cousin running around with her, i’m either tying bows or cutting/gluing paper. i was able to skip out on a night of small talks and was able to catch up with my mom who has been around doing her own running around with my aunt. now i have a cold, i ended up cleaning my work inbox instead of the personal one. i haven’t been caught up on my online reads and updates, haven’t shopped for real stuff that i can take back home for actual use, and haven’t shopped for pasalubongs.

sometimes when you don’t have high expectations, you end up in the middle of a tornado and you can barely breath cause you have a runny nose. zzzz (behind all of that stress and keeping up with every tasks and plans, it’s great to witness the love between a couple that are great together and couldn’t be any more dictionary meaning of perfect. i’m glad to be a part of 1 of the many back to back weddings in the next little while. i’m learning that i really love doing these type of things. another learning point for me was that i don’t want a by the book wedding, i want something simple and less complicated if that’s even possible – cottage up north maybe -sigh)

i’m just glad we at least have wifi this time. FaceTime has been awesome!

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