with work getting busier by the seconds, i just haven’t had time to blog about my wonderful summer. where July/Aug came and left within 5 minutes. i can’t believe it’s all over. friends and coworkers having babies, getting married, and moving to houses in the suburbs. company outings and gatherings. having to talk to clients more often than not. all the dinners with the girls, the long walks at numerous malls to keep cool, the scorching heat, the shopping sprees and the expense paid dates with the boyfriend. all the afternoon talks with her and the evening talks with the other. all the arguments in my relationship, all the regrets, all the shoulda-woulda-coulda-s and of course everything in between.

it’s all done. now it’s back to being ‘fit2wed’ – for next years set of weddings. saving up for the sake of saving up, being a hermit by catching up on all fave shows and of course trying to blog like i have nothing better to do. i’m catching myself having to mark all events in a calendar shared with the girls cause we are simply just too busy, or we just make it that way i guess.

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