June Project(s)

last month was all about getting back into adobe, trust me it was hard. there was so many things missing and so many updates in the programming that half of the time i was just trying to remember half of the things i used to be able to do. hence i stuck to the simple route. copy,paste,simple working, simple layouts et voila ~ turned out really nice.

this weekend i started on a productive note. t’was all about cleaning the apartment and thinking of numerous DIY projects i can list for a June Hobby. so first up, the balcony –

as much as i wanted to do a before and after of the balcony (before the clean up), i couldn’t bring myself to admit how bad the balcony was. for a short while we were anticipating moving to another building, but as i contemplated about it, i just want to move into a home i own after this, and i think my mom agrees as she stopped looking for apartments. we are limited to the places we’re able to move into because my mom works overnight and it’s just more practical to stay within this area. there’s not a lot here and my work is an hour away, but considering how old i am, i still can’t imagine living without my mom. who knows if i’ll ever live on my own, i’ve just grown to this custom, i guess so no biggie. that subject is meant for another post if i ever want to dwell on it.

anyway, the picture above shows the couch,balcony,bedroom dimensions that i will need to adhere to. a picture of the tools used to clean the whole house. and as you wonder about the cricket, it is a tool that i was able to look up online about how to ward off pigeons. i tried to get an owl, but i couldn’t find one at WalMart… i ended up with a pillow instead of that. another suggestion was to have a squirt gun to shoot at pigeons. it would make them fly away without having to injure them in any way. i’ve tried this as soon as i got home and it worked very well :).

back to listing out my June Hobby- D.I.Y apartment projects

  • Balcony
    • Install wire mesh
    • Decorate/Furnish at a budget
    • learn to BBQ with ease
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
    • New sectionals or DIY couch covers??
    • TBD

i’m not sure how i am going to be able to buy a new couch, but maybe that can wait until winter/or next year. priority is my bedroom & the balcony for summer reading (reading 50 shades of grey trilogy), chilling, bbqing. i guess i shouldn’t limit these home projects to June alone, maybe i can aim to have all the updates done by my Birthday so i can invite people and throw a mini get together to enjoy the new amenities – YEY! done deal. (side note: today i bought a new pillow – gonna do a pillow case for it once i grab some fabric 🙂 watch for the upcoming post of a DIY pillowcover) – i am also itching to plan out my room layout to see if i can fit a bigger bed. i’m going to have to remove a few big pieces that is currently not being utilized. time to declutter – my mantra for this year. the less the better. time to let go of the old stuff and live below means – less is better (less is more)… so on that note, time to draw up a few lists to execute. i’m off on friday so i will be heading out to Ikea to budget my bed.. ta.ta!

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