a lot of bloggers are always trying to keep current on what’s going on in other blogs. as per usual, i have procrastinated my May hobby. As it appears, this may be the last week that i am able to use my injury as an excuse to hit the gym. (side story – flew out of a golf cart at the beginning of the month for a golf outing for work). but that only gives me today and/or tomorrow to finish my project. this week will be hectic as J and i try to execute a long thought about summer cleaning for the balcony. we haven’t hosted a party for the past couple of years here in my apartment because the place is in much need of updating. just to list a few, i need to take back my balcony from the ever growing pigeon abomination that has terrorized and claimed my balcony for the last couple of years. mom and i want to buy new couches, because let’s face it, our couch is about 10 million years old (gr.9 to me)… and i need a real self bought bed set that is bigger than a twin.

the title of this entry is cravings for a reason. i want all of these things and this year instead of vacationing outside of the country, i’ve just been dreaming of the things that i want instead of traveling. it would be much easier if i had an option to credit all the wishlist that i have but unfortunately that is not an option still as i recover from my finances. but technically instead of wondering where all my money went, i can just look at my future furnishings and think to myself; hello pretty furniture, i am broke because of you. it is afterall a long term investment for my next topic, a new item on my craves list – a Bungalow!!! yeah that’s right, on top of a decent used car, i want a bungalow for a home. i want to be able to say this is where all my money is going – my own bungaloooo. but i guess it’s good to start with baby steps. all the furniture will not be bought in credit so technically i won’t be too much in debt once i have saved up enough for the down payment. it feels good to dream of all the material things before bed isn’t it? is there a meaning to dreaming about winning a lottery of some sort, well i think it was more of a draw than an actual lottery… (so i went out and bought myself a heart&stroke ticket – i mean it is for a good cause at the end of the day – i wish i win a car or 1/25 cash prize of $250,000 – or something). wish me luck on that one as i list some more cravings that i’ve been thinking about lately.

if i win the cash i would invest the 200K towards my bungalow, the other 50K would be invested in the following:

1.Leica Cam | 2.MiniCoops | 3. Macbook Pro | 4. trip for the loved ones to Atlantis

of course an all expense paid trip to NYC; shopping til’ i drop for a few thousands… oh to crave and dream right. maybe if i think positive enough, it will come true. but heck what are the chances… i only bought the 1 lucky ticket out of millions of entries most likely. who knows, next time i can actually blog about the hauls and updates my life has taken after being financially able to get the things that were craved for in this entry. to dream tonight of new dreams to come true in the near and distant future. until then – i’m outtie.

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