back-to-back weekend

i get it now, when all my older coworkers tell me that partying is not something they like to do anymore. dancing at a lounge is definitely not something that you look forward to doing at a certain point in your twenties *point well taken*. but heck tonight and tomorrow is mandatory i guess. it’s a yearly tradition almost as it appears.

but besides the partying, one of my stoogies has stood up and owned up to her abandonment. crazy as it is, she’s finally realized how much she needs balance in her life and that she needed to adjust accordingly to make room for both school and a chosen few that she needs in her life. sometimes i guess we all just need time. i wrote a post almost close to the beginning of the year, of the practically last time we’ll ever feel that thrill of excitement, that thrill of no responsibility. the thrill of being “early twenties”. which at this point really isn’t any of us anymore. you get to your mid 20’s and you think to yourself, i can squeeze in a bit more randomness for a while, and that we did. i knew from that last hoorrahh, that things would never be the same, and of course it isn’t.

as much as i want to welcome her back to normal, there is definitely a new norm to be had. a new norm that is accustomed to what we have learned to get used to in the past couple of months. needless to say, these bonds need to stay in tack, take as much of a breather to do what you need to do and get back to the groove of things. (i’m babbling on because i’m still intoxicated. but i have to get this off my chest. as much as i appreciate the acknowledgement, it does not erase the fact that this person chose to abandon our trio. that alone can put a rift into relationships, friendships, family, significant others… but i guess it’s growing pains. pain as they call it is called pain for a good reason. i just hope that after all of that, we move forward and see the brighter side of things, otherwise, you just know that person is just not putting any effort anymore.

a have quite a few chosen ones that require no effort, they are the sisters i never had. where it would never get awkward regardless of the accumulated time apart. but i guess you can only get to that point at a certain level. we have to give chances to people who do not know how to handle friendships that could last a lifetime. i consider less than 3 years to still be new, but definitely “the honeymoon phase is over”.

i’m talking here we go, on to the next one. on to the more complicated things life can offer, off to dreaming the next big things on the list. but whatever brought us to this point, seriously, there’s really no turning back. this is it, for a lifetime.

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