Operation May Hobby

so for this month of may i’m supposed to update my trip collage page on this site. so i figured i’m already a week behind on schedule because i have a whopping 4 trips that i have to do. i really didn’t think this would be much of a challenge but lone behold, here i am ranting about it.

step by step procedure is to plan the layout, decide on the number of pictures per layout (insert, ahhh i should just do postcard size; minimum of 16 pictures; each trip should have it’s own page with a mini story). ok now that i have figured that out, i have to follow through – which is going to be a struggle because i am never content when it comes to designing.

anyway, the other issue would be to pick a limited amount of pictures to showcase based on the trip folder containing, oh, umm, i don’t know, around 500+ photos per trip. how do you pick from all those random pictures when you know yourself to snap at anything and everything that tells a story, that captures the moment that i need to remember. given, the purpose of this exercise is to showcase the places that i’ve been through, the people i went ther with, and the wonderful ways of layout and photo renderings if required. even though i know i delete pictures if they are not salvageable. seriously i’m quite anal-istic when it comes to design.

ok enough ranting about the task at hand, while i’m already distracted with J being right beside me, what else can i rant about (aparently i have random days when i become a blabber mouth, since that is out of my system as of last night, i might as well blab endlessly to a certain end electronically hahah). so, lately my phone has been wonky, i did the update just now and i hope that fixes a lot of the glitches i’ve been seeing the past week. i have a meeting about career planning next week, it is for sure going to feel like college all over again.

i know i’m all over the place right now but i just realized, i’m unable to insert pictures in any of my posts. well, actually, what i meant was that i rarely do and i wish so much to be able to do a post filled with photos. am i the only one with a blog that has a lot of bandwidth for media?

ok i need to stop ranting randomly. goodnights!

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