Rambling! :{Grumbling} & Rumble

But in the process of rambling along, you’re learning about what kind of person you are and what you want out of life. If you don’t ramble now, you may feel the urge to ramble later on in life when you have a family and career, when mistakes aren’t as easily tolerated and when other people depend on you. Your twenties is for selfishly and unapologetically pursuing your interests and passions.

Twenties Are For Rambling

so super true! i cannot agree enough. although i know myself well enough to know what i want for myself, i am constantly rambling on and on about an abundant amount of random stuff! (wasn’t that just an example?) another true point, about never having the time ramble on ever again, after the next level (which i’m totally dreading__) true fact is, it’s closer than ever and i need to stop rambling and start rumbling through (does that even make sense). of course not, hence the grumble insert on the title.

on a separate note if you must know, as of may 1st, i started sleeping in my bedroom instead of the couch. in hopes that it will push me to be up to date on my online/offline initiatives. i might eventually cut off my cable to basic -for saving money purposes- but also to minimize distractions, tv is my biggest enemy for focus. another initiative in place is finally getting on the healthy wagon. i’ve had quite a bit of healthy eating habits that i’ve been wanting to execute for a while and for once i am excited to do it! it will contain a lot of spring greens, balsamic vinaigrette, smoked salmon, shrimp, and of course tuna and chicken. i figured by minimizing my carbs and red meat, that should jump start my new lifestyle. minimizing coke is an ongoing battle and more often now than not, i have been excluding coke either completely or to a min of barely 1 a day. having constant nagging/communications while doing this new lifestyle with my girlfriend will definitely help execute for a long term effect.

another initiative is to execute at least 1 hobby per month. so let’s say last month was card making. this month online creative initiatives. next month finally cracking open the knit-kit that Best gave me for christmas _umm more than a year ago.

for my last note before i log out, zone out, and zzz off. i am heading to a massage therapist tomorrow and  i’m super stoked. how is it possible that i’ve been working for my company for almost 4 years and i’ve never taken advantage of this benefit. only myself to blame, i hope it helps with my sore shoulders and upper back. eventually maybe i’ll go to a chiro to get re-aligned, i’m a huncher and i hate it. time to focus on self, i’m practically 30 for pete’s sake! pfft-pfft-pfft-zzz.

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