5 year plan brainstorming

this was supposed to happen last year or before i turn 25. i was supposed to have my 5 year plan thought out by 25. but i guess instead of all that seriousness i went ahead and lived life like it was ending the day after tomorrow. definitely no regrets. these last few years has really been quite the ride. i’ve got no one else to thank for the crazy times other than the two ladies that were by my side and still is. no one to blame but myself for not working it out before i had all the fun(dot).

Brainstorming tool from MindTools.

i have to blog to remind myself that this needs to definitely be on the to-do list, how sad is that really. this year is definitely about rambling, self discovery, and the endless creations of lists, lists and more lists. i was also thinking of doing a vision board. i’ve seen it in random blogs, and of course on tv shows (note to self, stop relying on tv too much). so let’s focus focus focus; to get this done.

*insert drumroll here*

2 thoughts on “5 year plan brainstorming

  1. Love that you’re brainstorming now — better late than never! Planning is the key to success.
    I believe in you no matter what you end up doing…except being a bum or someone without direction…I probably would be whooping your **beep**. LMAO

    But seriously, I believe in you and I know you can do anything you put your mind into it’s a matter of time. Just remember that it’s ok to make as many mistakes as you want just as long as you took a chance and not be afraid of your future.

    No matter what happens, I will be by your side, physically or figuratively (mentally).

    Love you,

    Your Best

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