Online Chillage

i can’t remember the last time i caught up with the blogs that i’ve subscribed to. last year i racked up quiet a bit, and having had iGoogle, i really thought i would be more up to date with everyone. boy, was i wrong on that one. the more i signed up the more i had to read. i used to have a bit of browsing time at work, but closer to end of last year business started picking up and social time with the team has increased over a few major embarrassing moments. i can’t blame them cause i’m quiet the cool girl with ultimate wits. but it has affected my efficiency. 3 months into the year we did a few switcharoos. now all the noise-makers and chattery chatters are sitting all in the same pod (i’m obviously one of them). so every down time we are all chatting away about current events, past events, news, music, etc. etc. and more etc. it’s great and amazing that we are all getting along but it’s so hard to not get distracted now-a-days.

so i guess the down time from chilling with acquaintances and the girls is now giving me the chance to do catch up… i find it easier to blog when i’m done catching up on my shows, when J isn’t around to smother, and when i want to vent in private. and that’s where i found myself today.

so what else is new other than work. 3 months in and i’m sort of financially stable. of course i constantly wish there was a way for me to have a higher credit rating but i’m just glad i’m finally in a good place. relationship is still the same, really nothing to update about that other than weddings coming up and knowing that it’s fast approaching… the future, the maturity. i keep forgetting how old i am sometimes cause i’m stuck at 25. but we know we’re not there anymore and i just wish there was a clear path we could take but unfortunately life is never that easy. everyone is settling down or having a baby. it’s all exciting but i find myself stepping back and thinking is that really something that i want for myself? really? i am really just not there yet.

oh gosh it’s sooo hard to grow up. i wish we can just wake up and pooof, fast forwarded future in a blink of an eye.


updated my layout again.
then tried to catch up as much as i can on my photo365 on tumblr, all the while also catching up on a few shows i missed last week. wasn’t paying attention much but as usual somehow Grey’s Anatomy has a way of surprising me with it’s insightful quote at the end.

Meredith: You can seek the advice of others, surround yourself with trusted advisors. But in the end, the decision is always yours and yours alone. And when it’s time to act and you’re all alone with your back against the wall, the only voice that matters is the one in your head. The one telling you what you already knew. The one that’s almost always right.

March Madness

20120306-233254.jpgThis week was definitely something I want to blog about. J went on a Vegas trip that started late last week, came straight to my house on Tuesday morning… just to catch me right before I left for work for some much needed hugs and kisses. Loved that to pieces, but he came home sick. Feverish, he relaxed all day. On my way home bought him some beef noodle soup (pho) on the first night, lugaw (congee) the second night, and nothing worked. I don’t remember ever having such a high temperature as he did, and for the first time I was worried. All he did for three days as his body tries to recover was sleep, eat enough food to help him ingest medicine and more sleep. I took a day off just in case his fever doesn’t go down and it was a much needed quality time. During this time I proved I can be domestic if really required, lol. Too bad he’s not always sick…hahaha!

That said, I missed out on numerous girl dates during the week. Today was really chill, talking about how things are going with our list of the stuff we’ve given up for Lent. I don’t recall ever taking Lent seriously until this year. The key take away is having discipline and support. Having a begin date and end date. With this in mind I feel I can accomplish a lot with the proper support and encouragement. I may apply this to a couple of bad habits like smoking, drinking, & budgeting. Having a group to motivate you into achieving your goals is a definite must-haves if there are certain things you want to accomplish.