glam it up like it’s 2000

could this be a night to remember? to reminisce of old times that we may not be able to as for a very long time? i just wanted to write about a memory that is yet to begin it’s chapter. will we be the same after tonight, knowing that after this long weekend everything will be changed one way or another.

it’s been a crazy wild ride, in a good way. we were able to live carelessly for the last 3 years, now new loves and new responsibilities are about to surface and we’re about to embark on crazy unmarked territory. a little wiser, a little happier, and a little grown.

after tonight one will be embarking on a new significant other… and another living out her dream of studying for a course that can only improve all aspects of her career. me – the same, just about to lose some of those known girl times. time i really count on to fill voids that the boyfriend always leaves. i’m happy and sad. they have really been my lifelines in literal terms. whereas they provided me oxygen to breath when it was getting hard doing it on my own. they lent an ear and company to be had to make my schedule extra busy to even notice that there’s some growing to be had. now i must face a few things i’ve been procrastinating for. like settling down, planning my future, planning my current future, and goal setting for the career that’s set out for me to face in the full year that my mentor is away on mat leave.

tonight i just want to get drunk, to not think about the days, months, weeks ahead when i will need to face reality. it’s been a great dream to have had in real life ladies. time to create new memories! kudos for the new exciting experiences we’re about to have. \\ knowing that at the end of the day, we’re there for each other no matter what!!

true unconditional love. i’m rich of them, so sue me!

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