vday as some say…

is the most commercial day in the world. had a date tonight with my girlfriend and we got to thinking about vday. she’s single and ready to mingle, hence being on the defense about the day. i guess it’s hard to think about valentines day seriously when you know that there isn’t anyone special in the horizon. i get it, i fully understand, because i can imagine how it would feel without a special someone. i know that coming from me it won’t sound as genuine but i can honestly say that even if i had nobody to call my own on this day, i would still feel that its my favorite day of the year. it’s pretty much like christmas for me or i mean it’s the equivalent. i feel more lonely on christmas than on valentine’s day. it’s a day to remember love, any type of love. 27 years later, & my mom still gets me valentine’s day cards…

maybe i’m just an optimist, i love reading about love, i love seeing love, even if i was heartbroken on this day i could never turn my back on each interaction others may have… wait maybe that’s borderline sadistic. if i was on my own on this day, i would sit at starbucks watching all of those on a date. imagine the magnitude of the love they have, puppylove, unrequited love, new love, old love. the posts/articles professing love, expressing from the deep within souls and all hearts alike. there’s just so much love to be shared i doubt i can diss the day when it’s pda’d all over the place. i know it’s commercial but if you dig deep, if you took a peek within the corner of your eyes you will find a couple of people genuinely expressing unconditional love… and that’s just cherry on top for me.

any other day, if i saw a lovey dovey couple i would have them condemned but it’s like watching a romantic movie, you expect it on this day and if it’s not shown truly, well then it’s like a movie you would rate at 2.5 out 5 stars. any other day i would be like *barf naman*, but it’s just different for me on valentine’s day. i could rant on about how much i love this day but it’s not going to change your mind, will it? accept it for what it is. “you’re bored because you’re being boring” or flip that frown upside down.

enough about what the day means to me… let’s dig deep into my memory and see what i can recall as something unforgettable that’s ever happened on this day. 7 years ago, J and I were fighting. i had decided to end the only great thing i’ve had in a long time. the words he said to me before midnight of vday was the most romantic set of words i’ve ever heard coming from a guy. it wasn’t your usual, i love you… it was more… he told me specifically why he loved having me in his life, he told me what i meant to him and thanked me for the blissful year. i remember him tearing up while i snicker in the dark. that was where this all began, that night when i knew he was the different kind of right. i’ve been pursued a couple of times before but i’ve never felt the security and the honesty of someones professed love out of the kindness of his heart like the way he did that night. i will never forget when he asked me to be in his life permanently as his girlfriend, partner, lover and friend. who’d ever think that the most perfect way to celebrate valentine’s day is just to stare into his eyes and hear him explain why he wants you in his life as a partner, as a better half. nothing can ever beat that…no amount of flowers or chocolates can make your heart skip a beat. safe to say until now, i’m not saying it happens all the time, but every once in a while, i can still feel my heart skipping a beat when i see him looking at me the same way he used to look at me with such conviction and unconditional love as he did that first night.

love is definitely in the air.

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