Last rant of the Year – FY11

every year right after christmas, i’d catch myself looking back and try to pin point the things that went right, wrong, sideways and upside down. this year it happened during a random night of meeting up with the girls at our new favorite spot ‘jacka-s’. we cheered for every bad, good, ok, moments that came to mind. of course it was before dinner, so the gulps got us tipsy quickly.

some highlights of this year for myself would be:
– surviving long distance with boyfriend
– dominican republic
– back to back social nights
– lost friends, gained new ones
– career development
– boyfriend and i verbally moving our relationship forward
– cousins getting engaged
– financially getting stable, slowly but surely

Since all of that is out of my system… Time to celebrate the upcoming year. 2012 is estimated at being my biggest year thus far. and if it was to end in 12.12.12, all i’d have to say is, i wouldn’t have had it any other way. live without regret and always look forward to the happiness, sorrow, hurt and excitement. By this time next year i vow to have gained more wisdom, wit, and humor during the dailies. i am excited to make new routines, see new places, experience and learn new things. kick off old habits and turn them into good ones. say goodbye to the old me and embrace the new me i’m about to become.

There’s nothing better than the feeling of seeing tomorrow unfold and it exceeding expectations. I’ve been known to have low expectations but still, everything has a ceiling, mine is just as short as I am, that’s all. I’ve been blessed truly, and all I have to do is thank all the way.

So here’s to a new year – cheers!

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