Another year of 365 days of tomorrows

as i anticipate my birthday tomorrow i was hyped up with my team’s coordination with dressing as 80’s instructors for halloween. it was a great turnout just like the week before. it does help that we’ve been planning this for about a month now, and i must say, we were such a great bunch. we had an exit video just like the 80’s that i’m tempted to put on youtube, but probably shouldn’t. there’s a sense of pride when you know your team works hard and plays even harder.

it also helps that with all the commotion during halloween, i am able to advertise my birthday celebration and people are normally super stoked. i can’t wait to spend some time with family tonight we’re planning on having dinner, more like a get together than my bday celebration, i’m just glad to have a little something for family this year. when i was in highschool i started having house parties. as the groups got bigger, my family almost were never able to stay too long because we only live in an apartment and cannot fit the headcount. eventually during college, specially when i merged my group with J’s group, i stopped having family over. and then of course the theme would be drinking and i’m sure we were doing them a favor for letting them leave early. but tonight were having a simple dinner at a chinese resto, catching up on what’s been missed, what’s to come and how everyone is doing. then tomorrow i plan to be with a few close friends from work, and of course my lifelines :).

i’ve been working on my 3-5 year plans and i hope i stick to it. it is attainable, realistic, and i can’t wait to blog about the results. i guess that’s all for now, i’m sure i’ll be blogging about what i’ve come to figure out about my 27 years of living… the steps that needs to be taken. the direction and the ihip ng hangin sorta speak that i will need to determine as i reach closer to the daunting 30.

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