When i’m bored…

in the past 6 months, i have acquired quite a bit of past time options. last month i signed up to the gym, the month before i got my ps3, and the most recent addition is my new toy, iPhone 4s. my gadgets are now complete. well i just need to slowly build my games collection and i should be ready for next year’s no going out too much policy, and of course it runs the same time as hibernation season, when toronto’s weather goes below 0.

so i got my iphone upgraded last friday. i bought one for J too, so we can facetime woot woot. it’s an amazing phone and it makes me happy that my mom now has my old 3gs. we had a mom and daughter date at Pacific Mall. we ate chinese food, bought our cases and then headed home to watch our new teleserye “Langit sa Piling mo”. i love my new case. i love Siri, the personal assistant built-in hahaha. i love the camera, i love the games …i highly recommend the iPhone 4s.

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