Super Long Weekend

what constitutes a long weekend from a super long weekend? i don’t count the days but definitely the content of the days that i’m really going to focus on in this post.

Friday was a day off, i was supposed to run errands as i was planning to cross off some things on the to do list but it didn’t really happen that way. but my night started Thursday night when i got free tickets for a comedy show at AbsolutComedy. i had 10 free tickets and i filled up a whole table :). good laughs good dinner and a good drink shortly afterwards with more laughs. so Friday was a much needed rest and a day to catch up on movies and tv shows.

Saturday was of course Brant house night. headed over to best’ apartment to glam up and glam up we dun did. we were dressed and made up for the 9s. it was a long sober night at Brant with good music a lot of laughs and a lot of friends of friends. it was definitely a long dancing night but as long as the birthday girl was happy, we were happy. Next day we decided to go to eat at her house. Yumm good eats… and a very good pulatan food that i could not get enough of. then came along the PSP. Ate has been hiding her PSP away and i was hooked on God of War.

Monday was another vacation day because it was Thanksgiving. Canadian thanksgiving isn’t as big as it is in the US, so J got a free room at Casino Rama. so we headed over real early to get there 2 hours later. the place was filled with an older crowd, like older older… we had $100 to our name where half of it was going towards a room deposit, so for that night we went swimming, distracted ourselves with the nice tv and beautiful bed and of course the PSP. we strategically ate dinner where it wouldn’t break our budget, so we left $25 playing money for us to hit the slots and roulette. it turns out we had beginners luck cause we tripled that money, but of course played some more and we were left with double what we started with. went up to our room to enjoy the fireplace and cuddle (boomchikachikawawaw) hehehe.

We took a lot of pictures, we checked out got our money back and gambled some more. we tried the buffet which is really not worth the money but i wanted to try it so we did it… waited for our bus and ended with $25 in our wallets, which was left for bus fare and dinner once we get back to the city.

talk about budgeting. in the 6 or so years that we’ve been together we’ve hardly had an outing that only costed $100. i mean the luck was really timely and it gave us money to pass time. it was definitely a trip to remember and something we’re looking forward to replicating sometime in the near future.

*big sigh* that was the super long weekend.


-the end –

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