Upcoming Events

tonight at yonge and eglinton

wow it took me an hour and a half to post this and i’m supposed to wake up early today gaaah. but i wanted to post some things that were discussed or the sights and scenery when i met up with the girls.  weather in toronto is really alarming. a lot of people at work are already wearing fall wardrobes, whereas today i was able to pull off a dress with gladiator flats. i’m in total denial and is clearly not up for wearing fall clothing.

anyway back to the various things i am really here to talk about. october to november are mine and my lifeline’s birthday months. me and best are back to back but first and the older one but none the wiser is non-shy’s… we came up with a bachelorette type of event. best was thinking of making a list of dares for her to have to check off, wear a sash & tiara, and of course our usual hotel+the triple Ds, dinner|drinking|dancing.

i’ve been wanting to do a girls night at Brant House. i’ve only been there once, pretty good music but i always felt like the crowd was a bit older for my taste. but of course it’s fitting for the occassion. we also finished planning best’s party, all i can say is H&triple Ds + brassrailing + champaigning galore. apparently it’s her champaign birthday being it’s her birthdate in line with her birthyears. so that’s going to be awesome and more. as for my birthday, still have not decided what kind of cool things we could be doing. i want to have a house party but i want it to be a theme party, but knowing the usual guests -won’t be up for it- whereas i can’t really invite my colleagues because i live in a shack of an apartment pfft.

so with all that updated and written down, i will just need to be a bit more cautious with the funds and we should be all set. any ideas on a cool bday party?

oh in addition to planning our upcoming birthday events, we’ve also decided that next year will be the big bang. since our birthdays are in a span of one month, we’ve decided to plan the party next year to be massive-all-together-back-to-back! it also marks the last year that we will all be in our twenties. time flies but it’s true and then the year after that will be another one in the thirties and then the year after that is going to be another 30, then we’ll be thirty and won’t be able to party like it’s 1999. i simply can’t wait and is excited to venture into the next century with these girls, my rock-hard-solid-LIFELINES!

love you ladies xoxo

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