Personal Style

so as i mentioned on another post, i have been finding a lot of fashion blogs. some of them i’ve saved on my daily links to visit. before i logged on to post i was wondering what i should talk about but instead of the important topics that i should address i opted to listening to my current fave song (see youtube video below) and have decided on blogging about personal style.

i am not by any means the most fashionable of the bunch but i have a distinct style that really compliment my personality. i get excited when i find something that truly fits. i’ve come a loong way from just wearing what’s comfortable to someone who strategically buys certain pieces for multiple outfits. it’s gotta be the influence that i get from reading magazines, blogs and most importantly what not to wear. i mean pros really know what they’re saying when they point something out specially when it’s geared towards you.

i like flirty things, i’ve added some colour, certain outfits i wear at least once a week and when i have a new item, i wear that at least once a week until it’s on to the next one. i’m the worst with shoes because i over wear them to a point that they almost don’t make it through 2 seasons. i accessorize but i almost instantly lose the pieces that i buy or break them eventually within months. instead of investing on proper wardrobe i try to find the cheapest but not necessarily the best material hence some of my clothes don’t last too long. although i know the style i want to portray, it’s hard to dress myself business casually. why? because i love tights, i love flats and most of all, i like baggy tops. not necessarily the best business casual formula, but i try to be clean overall and because we work in an office where business casual is not mandatory i get away with certain things that i shouldn’t be getting away with.

i always thought that i could just wait until my weight went down but i think i need to start gathering up some business cash wardrobes. as long as my face and hair are put together that’s all i worry about now-a-days. i make sure my love handles are hidden enough and that my shoes that are torn in its heel section doesn’t show unless i have my foot up.

at the end of the day, it’s all about how you carry yourself. i can go shopping everyday and i am only able to get temporary things but those temporary things are in my closet either because i needed it that minute or because i simply liked it on.

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