Whenever I see UP in capital letters, I automatically think balloons and little Asian kid and Dug. This is how I’m going to start this post.

Recently I watched Contagion (spoiler alert for those who may want to watch it). It was alright. Reminded me of 28 days except no one turned into a Zombie. I’m glad cause I have nightmares when I watch them. As slow as they may be, they still manage to creep the heck out of me. Maybe it’s the fact that all they want to do is eat your flesh. They have no brain and most of all they somehow know where you are… *shiver. Anyway back to contagion; what if a virus was to spread in the real world at an exponential rate all over the globe, how would you handle it? What if the government can only save you in numbers, you had to stand in line to get vaccinated? What if the only means of communicating would be through technology? Can you even grasp how you would react with riots and supply shortages? When everything that we have run by machines also known as humans, suddenly don’t want to go out because the outcome of going out is dying…alot of questions that you can only imagine when you faced with an epidemic. Sigh, how are we living in this world when 80% of whats out there is uncertain. Like what someone said, it’s all about perception, we’re only human and there’s no definite definition for real.

This movie just pretty much adds to the multiple conspiracy theories that I’ve learned about in the past year. It’s so easy to just be oblivious isn’t it. But seriously at the end of the day everyone is scared of the unknown. Aren’t you? I know I am.

I just went went to the gym and met a trainer today, man how i wish i could afford a trainer. Losing weight would be so much easier. This all really comes down to ROUTINE. I mean gosh why can’t I get obsessed with having one. I just read an article about people who gets too obsessed about working out, honestly at this point I would rather be obsessed with it rather than feel so uncommitted. One thing that I got out of it is the fact that technically at the rate that I go out and spend money, I could potentially afford looking like a model. But looking at the whole number I just became flabbergasted. I also learned what my personal goals are and how to potentially get there:

1. lose at least 40 pounds
2. improve endurance

All I need is commitment. I mean it’s just the simple things; drink water, sleep enough, go to the gym at least 3-4x a week, eat smaller portions more frequently. Following this closely will help me lose at least 1-2 pounds a week and 10 months voila I’m as sexy as my 18 year old self.


Easier said than done clearly.

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