to Host or not to Host

coming from, i was always used to a blog that is customizable up to my own liking. i started the whole hosting FTP stuff but that didn’t fly cause it was too much management. it took up too much of my time. it started at about 19 or 20 when all i wanted to do was chronicle my past, to keep certain things fresh, to keep special memories as is.

but technically down the line, that didn’t work. i wasn’t up to date with anything. i never did a good job at chronicling everything, i started censoring as soon as i met J. it’s not like he reads these things but just in case he does… i felt the need to somehow sugar coat or better yet, i didn’t feel like saying sweet things all the time. plus, as i grew older, i felt the need to live life instead of write about it. the more i procrastinated the more behind i got with the memories and somehow i just fell out of routine.

but here i am trying it all over again. there are certain routines that i’d like to have back. like having an agenda, writing, working out & less eating. lol. i just feel like i haven’t had any routine since i was in high school. college was unroutinely done, i had 2 jobs, working overnight and shortly after that i worked 2 jobs again. i crave routine now-a-days. i crave to get everything set in place. it’s time to grow up and do grown up things.

but seriously back to the subject. i am choosing not to host. i’m not going to be going crazy about pictures anyway, i have a hard time as it is with updating facebook with pictures, what makes me think that i’ll be better in wordpress. i also don’t think i need all the crazy management associated with being a host. i also at the moment do not have any photoshop programs to do any fancy stuff like i was able to do before.

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