CNE – Canadian National Exhibition

also known as the EX. comes every year in toronto and it`s one of those must do during the summer. i always hype it up. i always imagine myself having such an amazing time but somehow i just don`t. a whole building of amazing international food, shopping, games, lights, tiny tom donuts. but every year i don`t get spontaneous enough for new food, no spontaneity on rides, and most of the time i just feel very unlucky when it comes to games. i try to catch the international pavillion shows but it`s so hard not to be bipolar with all the lights and all the different activities you could be doing other than sitting in one place.  i love the lights, the shows, the games…

speaking of games, got a bit addicted to the betting games. it must be all the heckling and the chances of doubling up a couple of bucks, which would`ve won me about $30 big ones if J hadn`t moved my bet. but it was his money blah blah blah, i almost did not get over it. so we walk on to the international pavillion building, and then there`s the usuals, rock on top of rock thingy, sand/garden contests.

yeah i went with J and J alone. we were supposed to go with ian and richelle but unfortunately they decided to just go the day before cause of the rain forecasting. but of course i already had plans to sign up to the gym with Kwan and meet the girls to fix my Pandora, return a shirt, and fix the daily watch that my mom is passing on to me :). i was telling anna all about my cne trip and if i had gone on the day before instead of doing all the errands, i would`ve seen her there. unfortunately she had made me kinda promise to go on the Polar Express. it`s one of those rides from carnavals. all about speed and hype and squishing the person on your left or right. i`ve always loved this ride and all i wanted to do that night was go on it. i pretty much got a little over hyper after it it was too much fun :D.

i`m actually considering not coming to this place anymore. i just get disappointed that i don`t win any prizes, rides are overpriced, no swimming area. unless i find friends that actually has the talent to win every single teddy i want from the games :). but knowing me i will always feel like summer isn`t complete without going to theEx.

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