just cause i’m on a roll

you might want to enjoy this while it lasts. so just another venting moment before i get on snoozing… i decided before i fully update the online world, i should really organize iTunes. how does this iPhone-iTunes work anyway right. so as i mentioned earlier (or at least i think i did), my most recent form of a computer has officially died (J keeps saying he knows it’s still going to work…pfft, i’d like to see him try to revive that one hehe_why are guys so oblivious sometimes, all they want to do is fix things as if!! but i could vent about that another time).

basically i was googling and next thing you know i’m trying to transfer my purchased apps/albums and voila, iTunes is up and running with old songs. last time it took me 3 days to organize my song folder, which is at it’s full capacity of over 2,000 songs. there’s gotta be doubles and so on and so on, i didn’t realize that i can export my iTunes Music Library …haven’t tried but we’ll see one of these days i will get to it.

i am having quite a hard time getting organized. i mean most of the pix and so on from my lacie is like a whole summers worth of tackling. they say everything these days are …hmmm what’s that word… disposable. but how does an old schooler like me get rid of stuff from the digital world. you think heck, these are just a couple of KB’s, it won’t hurt to keep this file/song a while, even though i will just skip it everytime i realize the iPod is playing it.

how do you guys get organized? i’m starting to think that the simpler things get, the more we throw out, and we certainly catch ourselves throwing out things that we may need one day. can i live in the early 1900’s so i don’t have to worry about having a million things to my name… a million things to organize, to prepare to my liking. you things after all is a good representation of something something… i know it’s a saying somewhere… kind of like you are what you eat. \

(thanks for reading, shoutout to LYNE :))

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