catching up with the online world

so before summer hit this year, i was into finding old fashion blogs. ones that has the same writing/sentiments that i do. ones that are just not pure fashion or food or make-up. i miss those ones. the ones that actually captures what you yourself is going through. i guess i’m a gossiper at heart. i like to compare my life with others, not to see if i’m better than them, but more to ensure that some people has it worst that i do. sometimes it’s easier to know that others are feeling just the same or are just on the same wave length. but as my yearly breaks reoccuringly reoccur… everything has changed. things just gets more creative and it’s all about pictures and vlogs. less drama or less life lessons but more hair lessons. sigh*

it’s a little hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. but since the younger generations have gotten online, it just keeps getting simpler and simpler. maybe that’s tumblr never caught on for me, or even twitter. i’m easily satisfied with the ones that are self-tested and true. the internet is so broad, it’s so hard to find things to be loyal to. so in turn i try to keep true to myself. i am loyal to the ones i can relate to. i can’t sum up my thoughts with 140 letters or less. i like writing to myself. i like reading these down the road and know what exactly i was talking about or feeling at that same moment. i like to think that certain things have not changed and certain things have changed for the better. (hmm_sidenote_ i do however need to proofread a bit more).

i think i can really do something different here on the online world, but i guess i’m more approachable online and less filtered. greatness isn’t measured in the number of hits you get, but it is in the number of publicity or clarity you get through. i’m more of a quality instead of quantity i guess. sometimes when you can’t say anything memorable, just don’t say it at all right. yeah, yeah, that goes for everything.

(insert| i just cut my nails and all i want to do is rant)

anyway (what was i saying again). so i started saving pages/links on my page of the people i found to be entertaining and relatable. i love the online world, but i feel like the real world gets muddled. i just want to believe what i believe in. i like to live it for myself and not just read and feel it virtually. i like to get conversations going, but i don’t think i’m ready to be out there. i don’t think i’m ready to be known, ready to be discovered. there’s so many great things out there but there’s just limited time for me to figure it out. follow me on this journey and we both shall see, shall we….

more updates to come (why? cause hibernating season here in Canada is literally around the corner). time to update my calendar 🙂 toodles.

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