Simply M.I.A

why? because i’ve been actively busy. this summer has been a blast. i can’t wait to reminisce and  blog about the things i’ve been up to. let’s see, it’s still with the same usuals with the exception of a few new people. i’ve been more exhausted, just trying to active every chance i do want to get (hahaha oxymoron). finally got to replace the old laptop with a cheap but better replacement, so i will be able to be online more. (note to self, the keyboard sucks_so much lagging).

i’ve updated the page a bit, i’m thinking of purchasing the customizable option, but that’s another $30 on top of the $20 i’ve already invested for this pastime (per year). but then again, it’s not a bad idea to practice my old creativity spurts. god knows i won’t even have time to create the pages that i really want, so technically that’s $30 not well spent. i’m still on the verge of saving after all. (hence the cheap laptop). maybe when i get a huge bonus at work, i will be able to afford a new place and an Apple of some sort.

it’s not cheap to live, but it’s better to live than to not live at all. there’s so many updates, i might have to slowly back track, singing // cause i don’t want to miss a thing.

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