G1 – G2 – G

there’s been quite a bit of updating that needs to be done on here. i have not been up-to-date with all the stuff i’ve been working on so far this summer. soon enough i will be way to busy to update. i always get distracted, i always end up checking the dailies, adding more to do’s on the to do lists and alot more of pre-organizing what i need to get organized on.

but let’s focus shall we. i’ve been studying for my G1, it’s just a test but i don’t want to have to spend more money than i have to take the test. *sigh

it takes quite a lot of will power to really get on top of things. it would be really easy if i was a millionaire… why? because i can finally focus on what’s important other than the little things. also you can hire people to do the things you want to do better and faster for a price. sigh*


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