A matter of fact

so i wore the cutest outfit today. nothing fancy but a bit of a girly girl in comparison to my usual dailies. so i figured i wanted to go to the park today. first i asked the bf, but he disregarded it. then i asked the girlfriends and one of them suggested shopping (grr). i guess no one wants to just sit around and talk anymore. but then again i tried taking pics downtown and it didn’t feel natural. we were sorta bored and me and Ate started clicking away (let’s try doing a photo post, shall we)

anyway after best being kinda floppy, we crammed in some shopping on Ate’s empty stomach. but then again she was with another friend before meeting up with us and i guess they couldn’t wait to eat so we just kept walking around and thank goodness Ate ended up buying a few tops for work, otherwise all the waiting would’ve been very floppy. anyway, now i’m home we had a bit of a catch up and some important things just dawned on me. but there are soo many things happening right now i feel i would need to start from the very beginning. also i don’t think i can do this whole lookbook hobby because i’m too shy to bust my camera and start shooting my outfits randomly & plus, i’m still fat and would still need to start working out for better pictures. 30 pounds & counting… sa susunod nalang nga…

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