lookbook wagon

i have passed through never ending blogger blogs that contains beauty, fashion, and make-up hauls. unfortunaltely i chose a different lifestyle than most. i chose the let’s party like there’s no tomorrow hobby. but recently my boss has taken up sewing classes and last weekend we went to theclothingshow down at the EX. and did we have tons of fun. i have yet to stalk these DIY local businesses. lots of really good finds but only budgeted for a total of 4 merchandises. of which i’m very proud of finding. i guess it’s a movement now-a-days to be able to find amazing things at a low price. i mean those 4 things in the department store would have costed me $200, but with a little bit of patience and digging, i was able to score those 4 beautiful things for $65. i can’t wait to thrift again for more vintage things. things that most people won’t be able to buy/replicate. i love that idea. i’ve always had a simple style but why not turn ukay-ukay in toronto. next stop, queen st. west and kensington market.

other things on my mind is the fact that i need to start saving. i could easy save about 10 grand / year if i really cut back on my going out lifestyle. and its not far from my losing weight goal either. i mean eating at home would probably save me about $20-$50/outing. geebuzzz. i also realized how much i’m spending on my utilities. so in the next six months, it’s all about trimming. trimming everything external and internal!

there’s been so much stuff i’ve been meaning to blog about, but i haven’t really been focusing on writing my thoughts down. i am one of those bloggers that get really distracted before i am able to create a post. so this week i’m catching up on all the things missed. reminiscing as usual…to commence shortly…stay tuned 🙂

i hope to share some of my finds here soon, and i’ve been thinking of making my blog public, with close friends and family but i don’t know about how comfortable i would be with criticism. we’ll see nalang.

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