been thinking about weddings and wedding plannings lately. i’m gonna go watch bridesmaids today with my friend Anna. yesterday i found the link for the movie and i’ve always been eyeing the colour of the dresses on billboards and what-nots. and i found the set up above. it’s a nice layout, which i was thinking of incorporating in my wedding some way or another. click on the picture and you will be lead to a wedding planning website full of goodies for the special day.

i was talking to D and i was complaining about the fact that there might not be a lot of people that could speak about our relationship. you know, kind of like speeches and embarrassing things that we have as a couple. i know i tried doing this whole couples thing, but because those couples are in sauga, me and J are kind of disconnected.

i know it’s not good to be green with envy but every single site i see, every single friend i witness getting settled/married, just gets me thinking. thinking, thinking thinking. off to another movie. i will blog more later.

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