Dominican Republic – reminiscings

before i got all worked up with updating this site again for like the 10th time this past couple of weeks… i had a quick date after work with J. we watch fast five, which i’m going to rave to everyone to watch immediately in the big screen because it is worth the bucks. this movie was by far the best one out of all of the previous fast & furious installments. it was like ocean’s 11 with more action than wit, more crashes that sneaks, and higher stakes than suspense.

anyway, after towards the end of the movie they started playing that oyoyoyo song that was playing non stop during our trip, practically a month ago, but feels like just yesterday. here’s the closest video i was able to find of the line dance they had associated with the song;

man i really miss already. i regret not being able to tape the choreography  bahia principe had.  the bye bye bye song. so many things i regreted on that trip. but despite all of the things i missed, i still had a great deal of fun. my gurlaloos were right there with me 🙂 i think that was the highlight of the trip. experiencing every bit of it with them. finally finding out that we can tolerate every little thing with each other.

i’ve added a new page for a TripCollage. so as a summer project, i will be making a postcard size collage of the couple of international trips i’ve taken so far. that’s the best thing about being in Canada. even though you can’t afford it, you find a way as a middle class to have a taste of luxury.

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