Strangers Again

Srangers AgainI

Stage 1 Meeting
Stage 2 Chase
Stage 3 Honeymoon
Stage 4 Comfortable
Stage 5 Tolerance
Stage 6 Downhill
Stage 7 Breaking up or Getting Married

right now me and J are stuck in 3 stages. Stages 3-5. we’ve hit stage 6 at one point but our love was strong enough to get us out of a rut. i think it all depends on the age and wisdom a person has. it’s one of the things i like about J. he certainly knows my buttons. the button to make me forget about all our problems and hardship, the button to make me hate and love him all at the same time. our different stages all depends on our interactions.

Stage 3: when we’re together alone.
Stage 4: when we’re together with a group of people.
Stage 5: when we’re both at home (seperately-together).

call me gullable but i believe his words when he says he will do things. the only downhill part is when i don’t see progress or effort. but last week when he confirmed that he’s just waiting to get settled but all that seriousness is inevitable made me weak in the knees. all those talks about feeling he’s the one, the forever in a day one is reciprocated because he felt the same way and he plans the same way.

i just want to bring out the best in him. i know i make him happy but have yet to conquer being the motivation in his life. i want to really motivate him, cause him motivated equals me motivated.

there’s so much in a relationship other than these stages. media may play a part in creating stages for you but at the end, it’s your decisions and your happiness on the line. true love is never easy. it’s the way we handle things and recover from things that really test our commitment to one another.

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