Another drought..

so exactly what the tile said. blog drought is what i’m talking about. time flew by as soon as J came back. there goes a whole month of no posts, no thoughts. and just a bunch of run-on sentences, time-filled with empty nothings and no accomplishments.

i do have a lot of updates. i need to vent about the slow progression of our relationship. my trip to Republica Dominicana with the ladies, and everything else that seems to keep derailing at every turn of the hour.

finally i changed my layout. i was obsessed with the whole layout all day today. i got quite a bit of work done but at the back of my mind this is all i could think about. –what bg should i use? what style? why can’t the donators of themes just hear my prayers and combined bits and pieces of the many themes here on WP?

& then i just settled for this. it almost looks like i need to post more pictures. but it’s not like i have traffic on here anyway. i have no one to disappoint but myself.

summer is around the corner and it’s time to get in shape. i’m tired of being 2PHAT!! literally, i obsessed when J was away but 3 weeks later i’m back to my old ways. it was wonderful while it lasted. too bad i can’t work out right away cause 1) i’m broke-a55 mountain 2) i sprained my ank

too much to mention and i’m sure i’ll have more time over the week to really vent about everything and anything that i’ll want to remember for the rest of my life 🙂

bukas ka nalang.

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