3 weeks Markings!

so tomorrow night would be remembered by the day i survived 3 weeks without him. that’ s officially the longest and it’s still going. he’s confirmed that he won’t be back for until end of March.

i got mad at him, beginning of the week because he felt threatened to meet my aunt for papers she’d like us to keep. he thinks she’s going to grill him about our relationship. i don’t know why on tuesday morning, i felt the need to piss him off. so instead of being all sweet and stuff, i was giving him sh1t for even considering my aunt would have the time to ask him about his convictions. we’ve been going out for 6 years and he doesn’t need to explain himself to anybody. what’s between us is between us and i already knew not to let him see any of my family relatives because of that fact.

anyway, i made a big deal out of it and now i haven’t talked to him since. he’s in the province now and soon enough this weekend they will be having fun under the sun, with sands between his toes @ Boracay.

our anniversary was a blur – i got too drunk and partied all night. but as per usual, i gave him a drunken call. i dreamt about him all week last week and last night i fell asleep lightly and he was already there, in my dream. but i woke up quickly and tried not to think about it. i’m not sure if he was still there after that.

i’m still working on the big photobook and it is now sitting at 100 pages. the limit is actually 40 and each additional page is $1.50, gaahhh it’s an extra $120 on top of $40, well i guess i deserve that. i kind of went overboard, but then again it’s 6 effin years worth of memories. i can’t wait to finish and get the final product.

my days are still going slowly. i feel like i am lifeless every other day. but good news is looks like my efforts are paying off (another 2 pounds down). if i keep up the little things i’m doing now, that is 1 pound per week (without any major diets) = within ~6 months i’ll be unFAT!!!

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