Day 11 – Vday on 2011

there’s something ultimately wrong with spending valentine’s day apart. at this time J & i would be in touch to plan out a last minute dinner.
but this year he’s there and i’m here.

a phone call this morning to greet him happy vday didn’t really go as planned. i felt more sad to be talking to him long-distancely rather than thinking about how happy i would be tonight by just seeing his face. at times like these is when i start reminiscing about what we are, what we were and what we will be…

i see a lot of guys carrying flowers, girls opening they’re heart shaped chocolate and all that i was happy about was getting a greeting on FB. romance is still alive but in the most simplistic way. it’s all we need these days. whenever i talk to him on the phone says bye 3x and he adds i love you before hanging up.

my mom is always asking me if i think he’s the one. i’ve always felt he is but reality is that you never know. why did it suddenly get so hard to keep 1 partner. everything these days are so disposable but at the end of the day, i would never dream of putting him in that category. i love him, and no one has ever made me feel such security when it comes to love and love alone.

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