Temporary Memory disfunction

it’s bugging me seriously to the maximillions. i need to find out what happened during my 2009 year. i know i’ve been working at my office job since 2008. i was doing random outtings. best already got her bachelor appartment when i took over her laptop because of the fact that i broke mine and traded her for my stereo. geebuzzz

what the heck happened. my cousin and her mom does this thing where they fill up their SC card and never delete. and if they run out of memory from their cams, they just simply buy another set. pricey i know but at least you have the security of knowing that you have all the pictures in tact.

i bought my LaCie i believe in 2009, so i’m not sure why i don’t have any collection of pictures from that year… i know i didn’t have a camera for most of that year, i think. my lumix is from 2010…so maybe that’s why i didn’t have any pictures. but what i do have is this blog. at least for the begining of the year… but then again, really i’ve only been updating at the beginning of the year.

i have a tendency to blog at the beginning of the year because that’s when you’re most likely to reminice about life and what nots. plans for the future and dwellings of the past.

i just hope i find something… it also looks like i’m missing my cuba pix. how is that even possible. i mean there aren’t alot… geez i guess a new found realization is to take many pictures, and write everything down… that’s why i asked for a planner this year ;\ and i’m not even doing a good job at filling it in.

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