Day 4

V-day is obviously one of my most favorite day of the year. although for the past couple of years me and J haven’t been putting much emphasis into it.

well this year is obviously a special case. it’s technically the first time we’ve been apart. one of the reasons why i love this day is because it’s just a couple of days before i met him. this year we’ve known each other for 6 years and been official for 5. i was afraid on our 4 year because this was my longest. but now he’s officially my longest. i’m pretty sure i’ve touched upon that subject before so i won’t repeat it again.

since we are apart, i took some time today to visit Carlton Cards to buy him a card. the tv he bought me before he left is pretty much my christmas/anniversary/vday gift, so i thought it wouldn’t hurt to show him a little love on valentine’s day.

i should’ve bought the card on the left, titled; i love you. but i figured i should send him something unconventional and just re-write this one on the inside. now it’s just a matter of thinking of what to write. i have a full page, i’m thinking i will just write in big letter a quick note to remind him how much i love him and that the past 6 years has been great despite everything. being in love with him makes me sooo happy. i’ve never felt like this with anyone else… we keep each other on the tee. & then on the other side i will fit as many full pledged kisses with red lipstick (i really hope it turns out nice) and then for an added touch, i will spray my perfume so that when he opens the flaps he gets a whiff of my scent. sweet huh!

another suggestion i found on the www:

The Long Distance Couple
With all its reminders of love and companionship, Valentine’s Day can be emotional for long distance couples. Here’s an idea: A couple weeks before Valentine’s Day, mail each other a box of candy, small gifts, sentimental items, etc. Then, on February 14, open your packages together while on Skype. You can make this is as humorous or as romantic as you like.

i don’t think it’s a good idea to do the one above because i don’t want to have to bother him to do this during his much-needed-vacation. but i do hope to have a video chat on vday, which falls on a Monday. I don’t even know if my card will make it there by Monday, sigh. this might require me to send this via fedex or expresspost. another link that i visited today mentions how you can tell if your man is a Keeper called; Little Boyfriend Blessings

on a side-note
just got my Lululemon yoga mat & strap and 1 pair of yoga outfit from Winners. i’m all set for Moksha Yoga. Going with J & A, we’re all signed up to go after work. we’re trying out their introductory deal; $40 for 1 month woot-woot-woot. it’s my new obsession; working out. on top of our work’s version of the “the Biggest Loser”, i really need to lose weight for the unforeseable futurewhich includes; marriage & babies.

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