Day 3

gem to jrg2000
Feb 6
Subject: Day 3


hi babes *muah*
you sounded so different on the phone earlier. we were talking at the same time, we both have so much to talk about heheheh. it was really nice hearing your voice. it’s taking a bit to get used to you not calling me at least once a day. *sigh*. but at least now, i can call you.

i was looking at skype & i don’t think it’s worth it for Philippines. i also looked up Rogers and it’s $15 for a month for 60 minutes… i know right wtf. i think the cheapest way would be to text for me… Rogers has 250 sent text for $10. & then if you/i want to talk i can just call with a phone card. gaah this is insane.

sana makakuha na kayo ng internet soon…para maka video chat tayo at least a couple days a week. naks.

so an update …what did i do today:

  • woke up. talked to your mom
  • continued from where i left off last night watching gilmore girls.
  • fried meatballs & shrimp for brunch.
  • kept watching gilmore girls.
  • 5pm i finally realized you texted… i couldn’t wait to call you but i realized it was 5AM where you are.
  • kept checking my phone until you confirm it’s your PH number
  • finally got to talk to you and then washed dishes, talked to your mom to tell her your PH# and finally cleaned my room (my room didn’t change at all since you left).
  • after this email i will post alleycatz pix

huwag kang masyadong magalala sakin babes. i’m fine and the distance proves to make my heart grow fonder. i get butterflies whenever i realize that the reason we haven’t seen each other or talked to each other the past few days is the fact that you are half-way around the world. but at the end of the day i love you and the longer you are away the stronger my feelings are proven. i didn’t cry when you left. i tried really hard as soon as i got home but i knew you were just a phone call away still for a few hours and i passed out when you went for lift off. then when we were at jony’s on saturday i asked that we watch really sad movies while there so i can release build-up and i did . i just know that if i don’t let it out for other reasons is that i will get really sensitive and start tearing up whenever i come across something that reminds me of you.

omg o mg omg … before i forget. i watched “RITE”, you know that movie with Anthony Hopkins about exorcism. creepy. i could’ve killed ate for picking that movie. but i braved it. it was actually really scary. they made it seem so real. well it was mostly my own imagination and that i stoped breathing the minute it started. you know me… hehehe.

okay love. this has been long enough. sorry for the rant but expect more to come because it’s only been 3 days, 4 for you i guess, if i’m doing math correctly which i probably am not.

gaah – back to work tomorrow. i can’t wait to hear about your stories babe. hope you email me soon.


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