Day 2

“Would you love someone who completes you? Or someone that completely loves you.”
i’m proud to say i have someone who completes me, and undeniably completely loves me. why settle to just having 1 or the other, i say have both. be selfish!!!

so to say out loud how i’m feeling.
i know in the near future, i’m going to look back at these posts & i’m going to laugh, giggle, snicker at how corny and unnecessary all this ranting was.

hmmm how do i feel… how do i feel!!!
i feel like the days are too long. i feel like i’m thinking about him way too much than usual. i never use to think this much about him. i hope i don’t stop. i know he’ll appreciate the little stuff that i do like email him everytime i think about him. i feel the need to do so. i mean i know i don’t call him when he’s here for like everyday that we were together. but i always had random moments upon availability or whenever i feel the need to talk incessantly 🙂

so i’ve been emailing him randomness:

gem to jrg2000
Feb 4 (2 days ago)
Kaalis mo lang

and miss na kita.

iniisip ko kung ano ang gagawin ko ngayong wala ka na dito sa toronto. in a way i’m really excited to see how we grow from this experience. i know it’s only for a month but a month is too long. this is the longest you have to admit and i have the right to act this way. it’s our first …awws.

i’m hoping that i can be better at communication while you’re away. so here goes:

babes, seriously take care of yourself. you know that i’m here if you need anything. i will do anything for you. this just makes me realize that you are my life. you are a big part of my life. don’t forget to have more fun than worry, more fun than being conscious.

i love you.
i’m going to sleep now.
email you in the morning.

gem to jrg2000
Feb 4 (2 days ago)
Day 1

Hi Babe,

you’re probably still up there, or possibly landing shortly in Korea. Still thinking about you, cause everyone is asking me if i’m ok, and i just can’t help but think about you 🙂

we’re going to alleycatz tonight, with coworkers and my lifelines (jony/ate). we’re planning to sleep over jony’s tonight cause it’s closer, then tomorrow i plan to visit Ian at work to get my reetone running shoes. we’ll get you new running shoes when you come back 🙂

work is actually busy now, so i’m going to keep my self pre-occupied.

love you.

stay safe 🙂


gem to jrg2000
Feb 5
Day 2

Hi babes,

We had lots of fun last night as usual. The band didn’t perform as much though, but the food at Alleycatz was amazing. I just left jony’s place with Ate and were on the bus going to Yorkdale to pick up my facewash, cuz remember I left it at the hotel…

It’s snowing hard again tonight. It was nice hearing from you. Just keep texting when you can…no biggie. Let me know when you get your phone.

Ok talk to you soon!

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