“stop stealing my heart away”

waking up to you is just like waking up with superman

this whole week J worked overnight. which means his day is my night and my night was his day. but because of the memorable date we had the last time we saw each other, he’s been extra verbal about how much he wants to be with me rather than anywhere else. those types of verbiage gives me butterflies. although i’m a firm believer of actions speak louder than words, the distance in between that makes your heart grow fonder are the exchange of sweet words that’s genuine and truthful. the best thing about J is that he’s proven he doesn’t say anything without conviction (realistically). so i’m losing sleep just thinking about tomorrow…

tomorrow after work, we’re going to Niagara for a much needed getaway. we’re doubling with Best & Ed. they got a great hotel deal, as usual and was nice enough to share their idea and i confirmed right away. i’ve been working on hard projects lately and it’s much needed personally for me as well. to clear my mind, and be care-free overnight. we’re going to be taking pictures, eating dinner at the keg, clubbing, shopping and bonding and like-dat-like-dat-ing. ^^

anyone who asks me why i’m with him, the first thing that pops in my head is the fact that he makes me happy. he loves me for me, inside and out (no doubt). i’ve never doubted his love for me and it’s security i’ve never felt in previous relationships. although realistically we’re both not ready to take that big leap, i’m just glad that i have someone to secure my future with.

we’ve been disconnected for a while but it’s amazing that we are able to rekindle the fire. i really hope that tomorrow turns out good. keep ya’ll posted.

One thought on ““stop stealing my heart away”

  1. its a very cute post. rekindling romance is always very nice. hope you have a good holiday with your loved one đŸ™‚ take care.


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