Still Got IT!

me and J have been dating for-like-ever. once in a blue moon we have an amazing date and today was one of them. (insert_mutually)

yesterday was history when i lashed out on him because he was bailing on seeing me. worth the wait i should say because as they say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and mine did grow fonder. i got butterflies the minute i saw him. we went to our usual spadina chinese restaurant where we order too much and the food is good enough. it’s nothing fancy and it’s very last minute but those are the ones that turns out really good. low expectations, lots of catch ups on days missed or weeks for that matter. i was mentally tired but i got soo hyper just being with him. cliche isn’t it.

the chatter didn’t stop for me, he couldn’t even butt in, he didn’t even have a chance to tell me his troubles, that i really didn’t want to deal with. all i wanted to do is put our troubles behind and just enjoy each other’s company and that we did.

he may not have heard my laugh in a while, he was smitten to see how happy i was and i the same. we hugged, kiss and everything else just fell into place and then i woke up, thinking if all that happened was just a dream. you know one of those dreams that’s so amazing you forget half of it and try so hard to remember all of it and then dwell on it and remind yourself never to forget it.

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