Day 22 – How have you changed in the past 2 years?

this isn’t an easy thing to write about. but because it’s part of the list, i guess i should say a few words about it.

i’m not sure i’ve grown tremendously in the past 2 years (internally). i’ve stayed true to my identity and have not succumb to changing myself for anyone else. all i keep discovering is that there is so much more wisdom and experience yet to be figured out.

my relationships haven’t changed either. although my circle of friends did grow smaller. and that i am unable to do half of the things i used to do when i was in my early twenties.

i keep finding out that there’s more to life than what is presented. i want to taste, dream, fantasize and live, laugh and learn more than what i can handle. but that’s what bucket lists are for. i also have not achieved half of the things i set out to do (more like the things i wrote here). which i wish i could cross off more of the things i’ve dreamed of doing.

i know it’s all negative, but since everything is at a halt and since i keep discovering new learnings and ways of living, i can’t keep up with it all and i see myself jolted and stuck in the midst of it all.

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