Day 19 – Disrespecting your parents.

wow. honestly speaking i have the best relationship with my mom. we went through some troubled waters before getting to this level of comfort and i couldn’t have had any other way.

there are moments when i raise my voice or i talk in a condescending tone but deep down inside, i know i could never live without my mom. this whole Jekyll and Hyde ordeal is temporary, and it happens when i’m stressed, tired, having a fight with the boyfriend, or especially when woken up too early for my liking.

i’m not going to lie, i’m not perfect and i’ve been disrespectful to my mom. but i can also be the sweetest daughter in the world that is able to erase all pain/suffering. my mom loves me unconditionally and accepts all my faults and weaknesses. she is proud of what i am today, yesterday despite of my annoying bratty ways.

it’s hard not to be disrespectful towards our parents but sometimes we can’t control it. just as long as we remind them once in a while that we need them in our lives, we appreciate their unconditional love and that we are not who we are or will be without them.

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