Day 17 – Your highs and lows of this past year.

let’s keep this real simple.

highs would be times with my two bffs. the places we went to, the bonding moments over coffee; sushi buffet; agreeing to disagree. they definitely was the highlight of the year. they keep me company at work and keep me company when i’m low or is being ignored by the boyfriend. they became my sanctuary. low would be realizing that i still don’t have my life together. that my situation as much as it got better, it’s still under construction. it’s a never ending what-ifs, day in day out. i want the future figured out but at the same time i try to procrastinate every aspect of it. there’s really nothing lower than being lost and somehow, with all the highs that my surroundings have given me this year, the low can still get me lower than low.

plain & simple. nothing major.

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