Day 13-15 – Rewinding again..

Day 13 – Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.
like any other person i’d like to travel the world. i’ve been to a couple of places but one major one i’m eyeing on right now is Europe. Greece most especially. Hawaii is some place i’d like to move to, or maybe NYC obviously. if it was easy to move and settle somewhere else, i would. if it was feasible to up and leave a place i’ve known for most of my life, i would. to experience a new beginning and figure out life on my own two feet, i would. but unfortunately i’m a coward.

my  mom did it. she left Philippines to work in Thailand, then her sisters came here and she followed shortly after. she was fortunate enough to find an employer who helped her sponsor me here. i wouldn’t be in this country if it wasn’t for her spontaneity or persistence and courage obviously.  she opened up doors for me. she raised me with her bare hands. hands that up till now is working to put a roof over my head, and allow me to experience life as we know it. extravagantly she lets me carelessly spend my own hard earned money on myself, never asked help from anybody. if only i had inherited that type of independence… i would be in NYC this very moment. there have been opportunities to up and leave, but i’m hesitant to leave my life here. my friends extended family, love of my life they are all here and to be honest, i haven’t fully experienced Toronto. it never seizes to amaze me with its versatility.

Day 14 – Your earliest memory.
i have what you call short-term-memory lost. it takes a few instances to uncover the volt of memories locked in my sanctuary. if you’re lucky and patient you will uncover the life i once lived. there are only certain memories i like to remember… there’s a word for that called; selective. that’s why i love taking kodak moments. pictures are a way for me to reminisce and remember the details of the past. i try as much as possible to commemorate special dates- moments. but up till now it’s been an ongoing battle. i’m organized with other aspects of my life except for me. its come to my attention that i need everything else around me organized and when it comes time to organize my own path, i get distracted. like this insert right now… i’m going totally off topic. here are a few things i remember when i was litte.

  • trip to the herbal man on a tri-bike in the dark on a bumpy road back home, because i taunted my dog while eating and it bit my hand. i hid it for an hour and by the time my aunt figured out what happened… they rushed me to this old man who sucked out the rabies.
  • another memory was this house  i lived at in the province. creepy wooden house, where me and my classmates played hide and seek in the dark at…
  • then kuya (who’s actually my uncle), would need to carry me on his shoulders because i was afraid of street dogs biting me.

all i know is that i have no recollection of my childhood in manila. i guess i deleted those memories and will not stand for the heartache it caused when my dad and mom broke up. i do have a very vague memory of being in some park, the last time we were together as a family, as a whole.

Day 15 – Your favorite tumblrs.
tumblr is pretty much a waste of time. it’s twitter with pictures. it’s witty, cute and most of the time it inspires you to do creative things. i have a couple that i’ve saved on my links, but i find that it’s addictive and that those 3 places is pretty much information overload already that i don’t venture out for other stalkable tumblrs.

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