non-shy’s 27th

so we were supposed to go to vegas but i opted out, best opted out, and the bday girl ate emms had family over so was not able to go either. sauga peeps planned a montreal long weekend trip, but me and the girlies decided to do a hotel party + bottle service. bday girl got mashed up! found about another guy named Leo. i finally met her sketch friend Irene. which is pretty cool if she wasn’t on her bbm. i dont think i’ll get into details here but i’m just glad my friend had a blast. everything was apparently a blur to her but despite my hazy emo night, i remember everything. from cleaning her feet, cabbing home, carrying her to the hotel, making sure there’s no sharp glasses on the floor while she danced bare foot. it’s another one of those nights where i spent too much and almost regret it if it wasn’t for the fun memorable moments i share with the two most closest girls to me right now.

the birthday girl blowing her candles (pic courtesy of our photographer for the night boo*)

me and the bday girl with our fake lashes from shoppers πŸ™‚
jersey shoring it for the night
hair poofed like snookie praap*praaap

me and the bf (boo*) all dressed up for the night ❀

this is the kodak moment of the night

all the ladies πŸ™‚ , small but great crowd for a night to remember



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