day 10 – Discuss your first love and first kiss.

First Love; my first love was my highschool sweetheart. from gr. 9-12, we managed to go through everything and anything. i thought we were going to get married, i thought we were going to grow old together. but as fate and destiny started coming into play, everything and anything was keeping us apart. there were 2 other couple in our group of friends that started almost at the same time as we did. they are still together and we’re not.

i knew the minute i was in love. when i couldn’t feel happier to hear his voice, to see his gwapo face. to fight and make up. to forgive him no matter what he did, and he did a lot. love is blind, that held true in our case. i was blinded. i wrote him poems and i dedicated every love song to us. he had charm, charisma. he was the guy everyone envied me having. i know he loved me as much as i loved him. but our track record wasn’t as good as it appeared and i’m glad we’re not together anymore. i knew he was bad for me and that he was just holding me back. i deserved better, but when you’re that deep in love with someone, it’s hard to let go. he taught me a lot. i wouldn’t be who i am today if it wasn’t for all the fond memories we shared.

First Kiss; the sweetest thing. i get picked up the summer before highschool ever began, when i started having crushes but was too naive to know what to do with my feelings. he asked for my number, we started talking and one day, he invited me on a date to Canada’s Wonderland. i’m not even lying when i say we had a great day, we really hit it off, he really liked me. and as the sun set, while waiting for the bus to get back home, he stared into my eyes and i stared into his and our lips met. magical* but he was just my first kiss. nothing more, cause all he wanted was more than what i was going to give him.

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