Day 09 – How you hope your future will be like.

sings: i want to be like those girls in the movies, to have a man so in love, she makes him drop on his knees, she’s even on his mind, when he’s asleep at night…

i really hope that my future is full of bliss and love and happiness. well don’t we all?! i’d like to have a hard-working husband and i’d like to be the domestic wife who works but still keeps everything straight at home. i’d like to be a good cook and wants a house big enough for space & design but small enough for maintenance. in-a-perfect-world-pfft!

well on a more realistic view of things, i want less drama, more love, more togetherness, and many many traditions of my own, aside from the ones that we already have. the path is not paved with gold or seal yet, & i really have no clue of what the future has in store. but i dream to have a comfortable life for me and those close to me. i want luck to be on my side, i want to feel lucky and blessed of whatever it is i will be having.

some people are born into a good life, no matter what drama is presented, they still get a head start with everything. i wish i was like that but there’s no doubt in my mind that now i know what i want for my future kids… i want them to have a step ahead. to not worry about the little things and just worry about the next big thing. money really doesn’t solve anything and more money more problems. but we can’t achieve anything without it. double standard, i can’t get away from. i used to ask for the future and now i just don’t want the realization that my future seems glim and full of shadows. all i know is i will not let anyone bring me down, other than myself (again another double standard). the future starts now, but i don’t know where it begins.

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