Day 08 – A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.

i haven’t had it yet. so far it’s been about moments that take your breath away and my standards are not that high or complicated so that hasn’t been an issue to obtain.

i think the moment i will feel satisfied with my life would be after i’ve experienced/lived through the miracle of birth, one day sitting in my living room, while the baby is sleeping, i will be holding a cup of chocolate milk and i would be staring at my front yard; thanking God for that moment, the moment i will know that i’ve never felt the most satisfied with my life.

frankly speaking, nothing can compare to that moment. that bliss that you’ve accomplished it all and will have to endure much harder circumstances and occurrences. it will be the beginning of no ends, of worrying about another life more than your own. about finally loving someone unconditionally without meaning or reason. it’s the direction i’d like to follow somehow, someday. to create a family of my own, that i can be truly proud of, and would sacrifice everything to. (goosebumps*)

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