Day 06 – Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

1- short (borderline midge)
2- practically 26 yo
3- works in MR industry
4- has the most amazing mother
5- in a platonic relationship
6- euphoric
7- can befriend just about anybody
8- shy-ish
9- doesn’t know it’s own worth
10- living beyond her means
11- unguided towards destination
12- smokes cigarettes
13- loves watching YouTube cover makers
14- will not walk if other means of transportation is available
15- still doesn’t have a drivers license
16- ping pong player (unprofessionally)
17- has an updated top 5
18- having quite an awesome time with crap & total crap =) (J+E)
19- occasional poker player
20- $50 (the most I’ve ever won from OLG)
21- loves tooney Tuesday
22- can eat chicken 24/7
23- will not eat 90% of all vegies/fruits ( it used to be 99%)
25- likes character building clothes
26- easily addicted but dissuaded just as easily
27- wishes to have lots of money
28- loves to work because of passion over money
29- artistic enough
30- lives, laughs, learns and loves out of the ordinary.

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