Time to do the Basics

if you were an avid reader of my past posts, you would realize how many times i repeat myself. everything i’ve said lately has been mentioned before, it would be funny if it was about the same timeline as last year per say. but it’s almost like i am simply not trying enough, or maybe i’m too distracted. at this rate i’ll be nowhere i want to be at 30.

for example; i cleaned my room today for 20 minutes & it is presentable now more than ever, & it took nearly minutes. procrastination is my biggest enemy. gosh get out of my life! the obvious problem this time is that i now live on my own. paying quite a luxurious amount of my paycheque towards cable, mobile for 3 people, internet & house phone. now at this rate, i feel like cutting everything off. but then again it’s almost a necessity (grrr) for me anyway.

so let’s just name some of the basics that i’d like to incorporate into my weeklies:

clean the entire house
do my bed every morning

it shouldn’t be that hard. should it? maybe i just need someone who will challenge me more, someone who will give me motivation to succeed in prioritizing what is important. i need to start setting an example. i need to prove that i can do it all on my own. i’m not a baby anymore, i haven’t been for a while i guess my mom just didn’t have the guts to set me straight.

half of my friends are already mothers of their own little ones.. i need basic preps to when i bring my own out. people make it look so easy. grow up you baby! stop whining and start the change you’d like to see in others onto yourself (period!)

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